Liverpool Cathedral: 2009’s Best Large Visitor Attraction

According to the intro paragraph of the Cathedral’s history page it “ranks high in the North West Tourist attraction tables and in 2009, against formidable competition, won the accolade of ‘Best Large Visitor Attraction’ at the North West’s Annual Tourism Awards hosted by The Mersey Partnership.” Probably because it has two restaurants and a shop. The day I was there they were hosting a conference, including a PowerPoint slide about putting the fun back in fundraising.

Officially named Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool, this massive structure was designed by Giles Gilbert Scott, who also created the Battersea and Bankside power plants. The cathedral was built over 74 years and completed in 1978.

Maybe they should put that information in the intro graph. Not faux awards that make the copy look dated.

Scott is also responsible for the iconic red telephone box.

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