Brunswick Estate, Islington

One of three estates designed by Joseph Emberton in Ec1, the Brunswick Estate dates from the mid-50s.

According to Catherine Moriarty and Sue Breakell at Archives Hub:

“Emberton (1889-1956) was one of Britain’s most significant architects during the inter-war period. His projects introduced modern design to broad audiences, among the best known being the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club at Burnham-on-Crouch (1931), Simpsons of Piccadilly (1936) and Blackpool Pleasure Beach (1935-9).

“After the Second World War, Emberton”s focus in a period of austerity shifted to social housing. His prototype steel house was designed for the Ministry of Works, where he was a consultant, a radical project for prefabricated housing which was thwarted by steel shortages. There followed a series of flats, commissioned by the London Borough of Finsbury, Stuart Mill House, the Stafford Cripps Estate and the Brunswick Estate (1953-1958).”

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